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Thanks for visiting the desktop Wallpaper section of our site! We're glad you came. We have over 300 FREE high resolution desktop wallpaper images for you! All wallpaper is shown in Galleries. Each gallery has 12 high-quality images in two sizes, 800x600 and 1024x768. Please look above to see what size your desktop is.  Click here for Wallpaper Help and FAQ Page . All images are free for your personal use.

All our Galleries are listed below with a short description of each. Galleries are opened in a separate window so you won't lose your place on this page.

Cloudeight Wallpaper Galleries

Gallery One
Spring and Storm Photographs
Gallery Two
Early Summer Photographs
Christmas Gallery One
Gallery Three
Summer and Animal Photographs
Gallery Four
Variety Photos and Original Art
Christmas Gallery Two
Gallery Five
Photographs of Autumn
Gallery Six
Inspirational Words and Photos
Valentine's Day Gallery
Gallery Seven
All Original Digital Art
Gallery Eight
Mountain Photographs
Wallpaper Help and FAQ
Gallery Nine
Spring Flower Photographs
Gallery Ten
Creative Montage Photographs
Gallery Eleven
Words of Love-Original Digital Art
Gallery Twelve
A Walk In Summer
Gallery Thirteen
Photographs of Summer
Gallery Fourteen
Mountains in Winter
Gallery Fifteen
Unique Winter Photographs
Gallery Sixteen
A Walk In Winter
Gallery Seventeen
Hot Air Balloons
Gallery Eighteen
Summer Flowers and Scenery
Gallery Nineteen
Summer Flowers
Gallery Twenty
Original Photographs of Niagara Falls
Gallery Twenty-one
Photos With A Tropical Flair
Gallery Twenty-two
A Village In Autumn
Gallery Twenty-three
A Village In Winter
NEW! Gallery Twenty-four

All photographs and digital images in our Wallpaper Galleries are original Cloudeight photographs and/or digital images unless otherwise noted. All original images are copyright ©1999-2005 by Cloudeight Internet LLC. Where otherwise noted the images are copyright by the respective photographer or artist and used by Cloudeight with permission.


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